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Eco-friendly, Chemical-Free Pool and Water Feature Cleaning in Peoria, Arizona

Pure Surfaces Co offers chemical, sand and glass bead free cleaning services for pools and water features in Peoria, Arizona, and the greater Phoenix area. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, we will only have to drop your pool level about 10” to create an acceptable work environment.

Calcium deposits, algae stains, rust, and other discolorations make a once attractive pool or water feature appear ugly and rundown. These stains are often difficult or nearly impossible to fully remove using traditional cleaning methods, which use harsh chemicals, damaging abrasive tools, and require you to drain and refill your pool. Talk about a hassle, a mess, and a waste of time.

Pure Surface Co uses a product call Maxxstrip to clean the surfaces of your pool or water features. This product provides a deep, pure clean that’ll make a surface look new again. It was designed specifically for pool waterline tile cleaning is even safe to use on glass.

We clean and revitalize:

  • Pool deck surfaces
  • Decorative or functional stones
  • Water features
  • Fountains
  • Delicate tiles and plaster

Media blasting with Maxxstrip for Pools is Safe, Effective & Environmentally Friendly – Unlike Other Methods

Other commercial cleaners use sand, beads, pellets, and other damaging abrasive materials to remove stains, dirt, and debris. Even when stains are effectively removed, delicate surfaces like pool tiles or glass pebbles may be left scratched, dull, or broken.

Worse, some companies add chemicals to strip away stains. Even if the surface is rinsed after the cleaning process, some chemical residue is likely to remain. Imagine jumping in your pool after it’s been cleaned and unknowingly bathing in harsh cleaning chemicals. There’s also the possibility that cleaning solutions infiltrate the soil on your property after being rinsed off, causing more contamination.

After a bead blasting treatment, you could be finding glass or plastic beads in the surrounding area for weeks, if not months. It’s nearly impossible for workers to find and remove all of the beads they used.

Less Waste, Minimal Downtime, and No Extra Work For You

Most cleaning services require you to drain your pool and possibly move your fountains or other heavy water features before they can get in there to clean it.

An average-sized backyard swimming pool holds 10,000 or more gallons of water. That’s 10,000 wasted gallons that flow right into the dirt, and another 10,000 gallons of fresh water from your hose when it’s time to refill the pool. Though it may not seem like a big deal, draining and refilling your pool actually takes a lot of time and will certainly show up on your next water bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have to drain a fraction of the pool water?

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Our experts utilize media blasting with Maxxstrip to provide a deep clean of water line stains, calcium deposits on pool tiles or stone, and any ugly residue on water features – all without chemicals or abrasives.

If you are looking for pool cleaning in Peoria or the greater Phoenix area, our company is glad to get your pool or water feature back to that sparkling shine it once had.

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