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Chemical-Free Kitchen Cleaning With Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting offers an eco-friendly, chemical-free, abrasion-free, and food-safe way to clean an indoor or outdoor kitchen. It may be hard to imagine that someone can clean a kitchen with food stains, rust, and other residues without chemicals, abrasives, and intensive manual scrubbing. With cryogenic cleaning techniques, Pure Surface Co’s team can do just that. Don’t spend hours scraping your kitchen surfaces with a sponge and exposing your skin to harmful cleaning chemicals or abrasives. Instead, give ice blasting a shot when your kitchen needs a deep clean.

A Food-Safe Solution for Dirty Kitchen Surfaces

Dry ice blasting is a USDA and FDA-approved cleaning technique for surfaces that come into contact with food. That’s because we use no harmful chemicals to create our dry ice, and therefore no contaminants are left behind after the blasting process.

Dry ice forms by freezing and compressing the liquid form of carbon dioxide. To keep this carbon dioxide from melting and quickly evaporating, it is held under high pressure in a pressurized canister at very low temperatures. During ice blasting, those solid chunks of carbon dioxide are forcefully released along with pressurized air. No other ingredients are necessary, so you don’t have to worry about trace chemicals on your kitchen’s food surfaces or damage from abrasives.

At room temperature, the carbon dioxide will evaporate and disperse into the air, leaving no trace. Dry ice is genuinely a chemical-free kitchen cleaning miracle.

Remove Dirt and Germs Missed by Traditional Cleaning

Since dry ice is held at such an extremely cold temperature, it has a sanitizing effect on anything that it touches. Microscopic organisms cannot survive the below-freezing temperatures of a dry ice blast.

Even if any germs did survive the shock of the initial cold blast, the tiny explosion of energy that takes place when dry ice expands and vaporizes at room temperature obliterates those germs. The potent combination of kinetic impact, thermodynamic shock, and explosive carbon dioxide vaporization are how dry ice blasting removes 99% of germs and contaminants from all surfaces in the kitchen.

Dry ice blasting reaches and removes dirt from tiny cracks and crevices that are often impossible to reach when cleaning by hand. You could spend precious time scraping away at nooks and crannies with a pick and a chemical cleaning solution. Or, you could allow us to deep clean your kitchen surfaces with a few dry ice blasts.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

Dry ice isn’t only great for killing germs and removing food residue. If you have an outdoor kitchen exposed to the elements, contaminants can invade your food surfaces faster than you can reasonably clean them.

Wet or dry ice blasting an outdoor kitchen is a great way to clear away dust, dirt, pollen, leaves or other debris that may have blown into your cooking area. Ice blasting won’t prevent leaves and dirt from returning. However, it’s a quick and efficient way of restoring your outdoor kitchen to a gleaming, spotless shine in a hurry.

We Service Residential and Commercial Spaces for Chemical-Free Kitchen Cleaning

Whether you’re a homeowner frantic to restore your kitchen to a polished shine before the family visits or a commercial kitchen operator in need of regular cleaning and sanitization, Pure Surface Co has the solution to fit your needs. We service both residential and commercial kitchens, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting and locations large or small. No matter your situation, we can help.

Our machinery is small enough to be carried by one team member, and our hoses can reach up to 150 feet from our work trailer. This makes our solution extremely portable and able to reach any part of your kitchen.

Save Time and Avoid Panic-Cleaning

Using dry ice blasting will save you a lot of time. Instead of cleaning it yourself or paying for a service, you could focus on cooking meals or preparing to host guests—no need to worry whether your kitchen looks presentable.

Ice blasting transforms kitchen cleaning from an arduous, slow process into a simple call to our ice blasting experts. You won’t have to panic at the amount of cleaning to be done before hosting an outdoor party, just set up an appointment with us. Pure Surface Co team members will conduct eco-friendly, chemical, and abrasive-free, food-safe kitchen cleaning via our innovative ice blasting methods. Let us take care of the hard work for you!

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