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Graffiti Removal in Scottsdale

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, graffiti removal is a massive headache – unless you have the right tools for the job. Scraping and scrubbing paint off the cement or trying to sand down wood to new levels could take hours or days. Even worse, some paint traces can get left behind since it is impractical to remove each stain manually. If your property has been the victim of graffiti, contact Pure Surface Co. We’ll remove it completely using safe, chemical, and abrasion-free dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting: The Cleaning Magic of Physics & Chemistry

Substances become more brittle at very low temperatures. That’s why you must be careful placing glass in the freezer or removing ice from tree branches in winter – they will break easily under pressure. Something similar happens when dry ice is fired at layers of paint on a surface, such as you would find on a graffitied wall or sidewalk.

Chunks of dry ice, pressurized and frozen at extremely low temperatures, impact the surface and freeze the layer of paint on top. This frozen layer fractures easily and breaks away upon further impacts from the dry ice. We’ll blast any remnants away when the carbon dioxide molecules of dry ice vaporize as they warm up in the air.

This beautiful marriage of kinetics and thermodynamics, of physics and chemistry, makes removing graffiti a breeze compared to traditional cleaning methods.

A Chemical-Free, Eco-Friendly Solution to Graffiti Removal

The elements inside our dry ice blasting canisters are just carbon dioxide and pressurized air. So, there are no hazardous chemicals involved. You don’t need to worry about keeping children or animals away from ice-blasted surfaces. And you don’t need to worry about rain rinsing chemicals into the ground or the water table. Additionally, ice blasting doesn’t use any abrasives, so there won’t be damage to your surface after graffiti removal.

Nearby plant life should not be harmed, as our experienced technicians are careful to direct the cryogenic blasts away from vulnerable flora and hidden root systems. In fact, plants need carbon dioxide as a vital part of their respiratory and photosynthesis cycles. So, you can rest assured that an ice-blasting treatment will not harm your lawn or garden.

Superior to Other Blast Cleaning Methods

Graffiti removal methods using sand, water, or glass and plastic beads must fire a high volume of material to gain enough cleaning power to remove graffiti. Even then, these methods lack the physics and chemistry advantages of dry ice, so more material must be used.

You’ll pay higher fees to make up for the high volume of materials required for these inferior graffiti removal techniques. Because dry ice blasting is so efficient, it is more cost-effective and much quicker than other methods. Dry ice blasting will save you money in both materials and hourly labor costs.

No Hazardous or Time-Consuming Cleanup

Even the most diligent of bead blasting services cannot clean up every bead after treatment. In the best-case scenario, you will find glass beads left behind after a cleaning appointment. In the worst-case scenario, those beads will be made from chemical-laden plastic that becomes a hazard to the environment after every rain. Most likely, you’ll find beads littered across your landscape following a bead blasting treatment.

After your dry ice blasting appointment, no sign will be left of the graffiti and no one will notice we were ever there. Dry ice evaporates into the air, leaving no chunks or debris in the area. No paint residue will be left behind for sharp eyes to pick up on. Our ice blasting cleaners will ensure that any paint chips or flakes get rinsed away into an approved drainage system.

Our Service Removes More Than Graffiti

Following cryogenic cleaning, you’ll notice the removal of not only graffiti, but also dirt, moss, and other contaminants. Clean walls around your business or home will make for a more friendly and welcoming environment. Furthermore, there won’t be any stains from chemicals or surface damage from abrasive cleaning agents. If you own a business, a spotless facade on your business is necessary to draw in customers and create a professional atmosphere.

Give your surfaces a facelift and remove unsightly graffiti by calling Pure Surface Co today.

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