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Automotive Detailing With Ice Blasting

Automotive detailing using ice blasting is an up-and-coming process for cleaning vehicles. Cryogenic detailing for cars offers a great solution for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as the engine bay, undercarriage, wheels, and wheel wells. These are difficult or near impossible to clean using conventional car cleaning methods. Ice blasting is a great option for cleaning the car’s exterior or interior, providing a deep, thorough clean. Whether inside, outside, or underneath the car, the end result is a like-new appearance from a method that is free of chemicals or abrasive agents.

Cryogenic Detailing is Suitable for All Vehicles

Ice blasting works on cars and trucks, as well as RVs, off-road ATVs, dune buggies, and motorcycles. Whether you’re looking to get bug stains off your grill or clean mud off the undercarriage of your truck, ice blasting is an ideal way to get the job done.

Ice blasting works great on most automotive surfaces. Our wet or dry ice cleaning removes surface stains and contaminants, leaving the vehicle’s exterior shiny and bright. Cryogenic cleaning does this all without scratches or chemicals left behind. We can use precision instruments to avoid any problem areas you may not want us to touch.

Cryogenic Cleaning Works on Most Car Surfaces

Ice blasting is best for surfaces without paint, as we want to preserve not only the paint but also the clear coat that keeps your vehicle shiny.

Cryogenic cleaning also works on the underside of automobiles. This helps to preserve the life of your vehicle, by removing the buildup of dirt and salt on the undercarriage and lower surfaces of your car or truck. Salt is abrasive and corrosive, leading to rust and eventual holes in a dirty undercarriage. Dry ice blasting removes accumulated salt and ensures that surfaces won’t be abraded and corroded before their time. Thus, with the right ice blasting technique, wheel wells, plastic accents, and headlights can all be restored to a spotless shine.

Dry ice blasting is also ideal for delicate cleaning jobs, such as polishing components under the hood. Sand or bead blasting are far too rough to clean the engine or other components under the hood. However, cryogenic detailing is a safe way to restore these elements to a like-new shine. Oils, solvents, and other chemicals get scrubbed away, leaving the vehicle’s inner workings as clean as they were rolling off the factory line. Wiring, delicate connections, and rubber hoses are all safe to clean with dry ice.

Surprisingly, dry ice blasting also works well on car and truck interiors. Detailing the inside cabin might sound like a job best done by hand, with polishing cloths and cleaning chemicals. However, dry ice provides a chemical-free, damage-free way to do a better job and in a fraction of the time. Cryogenic cleaning will remove stains off of cloth or leather seats, oils from the steering wheel, and get the dirt out of dashboards, consoles, and vents.

Cryogenic Cleaning for Cars is Better Than Other Methods

Dry ice blasting removes contaminants and impurities with a non-abrasive process. So, it’s a great choice for cleaning a car without causing damage. Other methods, such as sand or bead blasting will scratch, dull, or outright ruin the car’s exterior if used improperly.

In fact, using dry ice to remove dirt and impurities will help preserve and enhance the car’s surfaces. After cryogenic cleaning, the car’s exterior is free of tiny bits of debris, allowing it to be waxed and protected from damage.

Dry ice evaporates with no moisture left behind and does not use media like beads or sand. It also does not contain harmful chemicals. So, it can be used in engine bays, interiors, and under the hood. It’s also ideal for all the nooks and crannies that are impossible to reach by hand.

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