About Pure Surface Co
About Pure Surface Co - Dry Ice Blasting in Arizona
The idea for Pure Surface Co was born from a conversation that owner Michael Riordan was having with a family member. They were discussing the calcium build-up in their swimming pool. There was no efficient solution to cleaning it without draining the pool, cleaning it, and refilling. The cleaning solutions were either to acid wash or bead blast the surfaces. Neither of these options was ideal.

After having that conversation, Michael began to notice commercials for wet sandblasting. This idea was intriguing, but it still didn’t provide a great solution to cleaning pools, especially for the long term.

Michael spent a year non-intentionally researching and came across dry/wet ice blasting. He quickly realized this could solve a problem that didn’t currently have great solutions for it.

During the summer of 2020, Michael began to expand his research further. He soon realized that he needed to pursue dry/wet ice blasting to provide an eco-friendly method for pool cleaning for his community. One year later, Pure Surface Co was fully operational and ready to clean any surface our customers put in front of us.

We provide one service at Pure Surface Co – and that is to clean all surfaces that can be cleaned.

We strive to provide you with the best customer service and have the ultimate goal of providing each customer with the best surface cleaning experience possible.

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